Orbit Fitness - Case Study


Industry: Retail Health and Fitness
Client: Orbit Fitness
Implemented: 2019
Location: Western Australia - State Wide
Website: www.orbitfitness.com.au
Services: Tang.Tel Voice over the Internet IP PBX Solution


Orbit Fitness owned and maintained an aging and malfunctioning Mitel on-premise telephone system (PBX) located at the head office of Orbit Fitness was seriously impacting business communication workflow and providing a very poor level of customer service Orbit Fitness clients.

Orbit Fitness maintained a highly complex and expensive communication network between the head office and its retail and warehouse locations.

Interoffice communications reliability was nonexistent.

Disaster recovery and auto-failover when the telephone network fails was a promised and mandatory requirement for the telephone communications system and was part of the original Mitel installation, after 6 years of trial and error by many of the major telecommunications companies in Western Australia, an adequate and working solution was still not delivered.

Orbit Fitness was seeking a solution that provided everything they currently have and were promised by Mitel and its on-premise telephone systems, and additionally want additional features to meet its growing and dynamic user base and client base.

They also required a solution which allowed Orbit Fitness internal staff to maintain, update, control and deploy the telephone system and services as part of their daily work duties.


Tang.Tel conducted an intensive and detail review of the current and inadequate Mitel telephone system as installed and deployed at Orbit Fitness.

We interview all the staff, visited all the branch retail locations and documented the current Mitel telephone system and configuration.

Armed with this information we recommended and selected the Tang.Tel cloud-based IP PBX, we selected a capped 50+ service configured and pre-setup ready for deployment the hardware to connect to the Tang.Tel IP PBX. We were able to configure the Tang.Tel IP PBX to match identically the current Mitel telephone system number plans and extension, ring groups and other specific Mitel configuration parameters.

Tang.Tel IP PBX being totally cloud-based allowed for a rapid and easy cut over from the existing Mitel telephone system and Telstra provided ISDN voice services. The solution provided by the cloud-based IP PBX allowed for the creation of a single central IP PBX to service head office and all remote branch retail locations as a single business entity this permits a faster and more comprehensive customer service experience across all divisions of the Orbit Fitness business.

Tang.Tel then provided a Line Number Port of Orbit Fitness 200 direct in dial numbers to our Tang.Tel IP PBX platform so that Orbit Fitness clients and staff did not have to manage new numbers and business customer service experience was not impacted.

We configured the auto-receptionist, voicemail, ring groups, auto-failover and voicemail to email service as part of the deployment, these services were a long outstanding deliverable by the Mitel telephone system.

We assisted Orbit Fitness in the selection and subsequent purchase and deployment of the Yealink VoIP handsets for all staff at head office and the retail outlets to replace the Mitel telephone handsets.

Once fully deployed we trained key staff and stakeholders during a half-day session, and handed the Tang.Tel cloud based IP PBX over to Orbit Fitness to maintain and operate.


Since the installation of the Yealink desktop phone hardware configuration of the Tang.Tel cloud-based IP PBX services through Western Australia, Orbit Fitness have had zero downtime or any issues with the Tang.Tel cloud-based IP PBX.

Customer call answering rates have increased by now having a single number to call which results in the customer being able to access any division of the company without having to call back on a different number.

All staff are connected and immediately online to attend to any customer request from any location.

Call overflow by staff in locations who can assist other locations which may be busy attending to other customers increases customer satisfaction and results in increase business.

The running costs of the Tang.Tel IP PBX is a pay as you go service and has significantly reduced monthly operating expenses, Orbit Fitness is no longer paying for or maintaining legacy hardware, support and service contracts for the Mitel phone system.

The auto-receptionist has allowed for Orbit Fitness clients to be directed to the correct department or branch location to get the service they require, this has allowed for key staff to be allocated to other customer service activities which helps grow the business.

Fully deployed and operating in November 2019 as requested by Orbit Fitness, no maintenance, support or service has been required throughout the entire Orbit Fitness company. Any changes to names or basic telephone workflow rules are all being performed by internal Orbit Fitness staff, which has further reduced operating expenses and empowered internal staff to own the Tang.Tel cloud-based IP PBX system.

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