Fresh Live Frozen - Case Study


Industry: Live and Fresh Food Logistics Distribution
Client: Fresh Live & Frozen
Implemented: 2020
Location: Western Australia
Services: Tang.Tel Voice over the Internet IP PBX Solution


Fresh Live & Frozen located at the Perth International Airport Freight and Logistic area, requested Tang.Tel to make some recommendations of technology and voice telephony solutions for there dynamic and customer service focused business.

NBN recently arrived in the area and as a business, they were eager to get on board and take advantage of the faster internet connection speeds offered by NBN, this would improve the cloud-based services that they heavily rely on to do their business.

As a result of the NBN installation, their current telephony service was provided by ISDN connected to a legacy on-premise Toshiba PBX. They were presented with a letter from the carrier that the ISDN services were being phased out and Fresh Live and Frozen should seek alternative telephone voice services from various NBN carriers and providers.

After much discussion and offers from the major Telecommunication carriers, it would appear that what was on offer was a complete replacement of what they currently have, then locked into a 3-year to a 5-year contract of payments.

Call costs where on the rise with additional charges and fees for the hardware being used at the office, Fresh Live & Frozen determined that this could not continue, Fresh Live & Frozen was not willing to accept this was the only technology and solution available, they had heard and investigated other solutions and technologies and determined that a VoIP cloud-based IP PBX could be the solution.


Tang.Tel recommended a decommission of the existing Toshiba on-premise PBX system and digital handsets.

Supply, installation and configuration of Yealink VoIP handsets for all staff workstation areas, connected via the new NBN connection to Tang.Tel cloud IP PBX system.

We discussed the call flow, auto attendant, after-hours message service, voicemail and call number presentation with staff from Fresh Live and Frozen, and proceeded to configure Tang.Tel cloud IP PBX system to meet their requirements, this was completed in under 1 hour, ready for usage and installation.

We activated temporary numbers for Fresh Live and Frozen to start using the Yealink VoIP handsets immediately, and allow for the submission and processing of the Line Number Port (LNP) request with the current carrier being Telstra to transfer the 100 Number range of ISDN numbers over to Tang.Tel

This was completed in under 7 days, and all the numbers are now actively being used on the Yealink VoIP handsets to make and receive calls.


Fresh Live and Frozen are now fully operational on the NBN with high-speed internet service for their cloud software and now fully operational with a cloud-based VoIP PBX phone solution.

Massive cost reduction in monthly operating expenses has been achieved with the solution provided by Tang.Tel. Cost savings have been achieved by no longer having expensive ISDN services, monthly service and rental fees for the on-premise Toshiba IP PBX.

Tang.Tel VoIP plans are all prepaid purchased time for local, national, mobile and international calls, which means Fresh Live and Frozen only purchase the voice time that they need in any 30 day period, which is massively reduced the monthly telephone call charges experienced by the business each month. As all incoming calls local, national, mobile and international are free, this has further reduced the operating expenses for Fresh Live and Frozen

A single phone number connects you to a Fresh Live and Frozen staff member in the office or mobile at any time without any additional costs or intervention by staff. Being a time-critical and response-driven business, auto-redirect to a mobile phone, voicemail to email, in the event of an NBN connection failure means the customer is always able to contact a Fresh Live and Frozen staff member. System recovery, fault recovery and auto-redirect to a mobile phone is all part of the Tang.Tel solution and provided at no extra cost.

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